Thursday, February 02, 2006

little bits of genius

I look a little like Popeye. Recovering from smart tooth removal. Being, as I have been reminded by nurses "at an advanced age for this procedure", 31, I am waiting for the peek of swelling to take effect. Can't bite down on much, still alittle groggy, so I recuperate with the DVD DIG!, some Neil Gaiman reading and teh tender care of my wife, who despite our 6 week old's needs and cranky, trying 2 1/2 year old and plumbing drama, dotes upon me and keeps resting.

Watching DIG!, my wife and I wonder about the nature of art and creation and genius. Is it better to create and destroy? To belive in the notion that with every creation comes destruction? To put the art above humantiy and love and bonds of friendship, setting yourself up as the mad genius or is it acceptable to create without the hurt? Can we toil at two lives? The one where we have families and fulfilling lives outside of art? I think the mad genius can find a way to do both, creating work that is respectable and still be respected.

We all find ways of getting through, me, I need a llittle of it all: my art, my wife, my kids, my family, my house, my work, my cooking, my reading, all the little bits that keep me me.

Now for some fine pea soup, as I can inly open my jaws so much...

DIG! dvd
squaks and coos from The Nige

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