Monday, July 11, 2011

My Hellboy Cover

No, it's not a paid gig. (Yet! ; P) It's for this contest over at Dark Horse. Choose a cover and redraw it. 

I chose this one because this was a great storyline, one that changed Hellboy's life forever and this issue featured a mucked with gorilla! Mine doesn't come close to Mike's but such is life. I'm digging my work, tho, if I can stretch my arm muscles a little to reach my back! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Polly Esther Posters

My better half is a pretty talented artist as well as teacher. Her new little venture is this thing called Polly Eshther Threads. She makes these fun-shaped crayons--

And these T-Shirt scarves. She has a really good eye for putting this stuff together and making it look pretty rad. She sells Polly Esther goods at Firefly Coffee House, Fort Wayne Museum of Art and will be, along with myself, the Featured Artist at Freshly on July 18th. I put these posters together to start advertising her work a little more as she she starts to get some more exposure.

Look for an Etsy store soon!
If you'd like to order some crayons or scarves, drop her a line at She can do batches, too!