Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wow! It's been a long time since I've actually posted anything. Not that I have a ton of readers waiting with baited breath, but I do apologize to both of you. VonSexy: Hope the game is going well. Hit me up with an Old Style!

I've been working on editing a short story and working a new comic story. Here's some sketchbook pages for the story. I've been thumbnailing in a 4" x 8" sketchbook, writing and drawing as a step, then penciling in blue on the board.

Been reading some good books lately. I just finished "Punk Rock Dad" by Jim Lindberg, lead singer of the punk band Pennywise. Great thoughts on parenting and what we as parents go through both practically and theoretically. His question: How do you raise respectful, intelligent, contributing members of society, hold true to your values and come from the beer-swilling-punk-nihilistic-middle-finger-to-authority background he does. He admits he doesn't have all the answers, but has some really nice insights. And some parts arch stomach-achingly, cheek sore hilarious!

Also re-reading Vasilis Lolos' "The Last Call" from last summer. I like the line style and dark fantasy.

Just finished Jeffery Brown's "Little Things". More of the same writings, but with better drawings. And by more of the same, I don't mean bad. I mean it's comfortable to read, comforting. There's a familiarity that's immediate because he's so good at what he does.