Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painting in Sketchbooks

Sketch book page. The Rocket Kitty was pained over a real bad fluffy-demon-shitzu-dog type drawing that embarrassed me every time I looked at it. The other side is just colored drawings that were already there except the devil dude. He's covering up another really bad life sketch. I'm really crap at sketching, so I guess the bad sketches will help me to produce more paint sketches. But I'm not sure what to do when those are bad.

I worked on these and used the leftover paint...

...of this one. This is page 1 and 2 of new painted comic I'm working on. I'm trying to work on it in the way I might journal. To keep the art loose and free. I tend to tighten up and produce junk when I get all, like, it's on bristol and and it's final art and I gotta make it all good and stuff.

We'll see what happens. I gotta get art an house projects done before my summer classes start.