Monday, February 15, 2010

Clouded Ideas

Class example for illustrated potrait. Pen and ink drawing, photoshop colored in about half an hour.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Illustration Class Sketches

Graduate Illustration Class: take an overheard conversation and illustrate it.

Conversation #2 – My Burger Is Seeping

This conversation also took place at school, on a different day in a different class. This took place in my cartooning class as the students were working on a cartoon illustration for a T-shirt design. A girl student is drawing a cartoon happy meal that has ben turned into zombies.

Girl: “Mr. Mac does this look right? I don’t know…”

Me: “Well, how do you want it to look?”

Girl: “I want it to look like a zombie, but I want it to look right.”

Me: “Well, the thing about zombies is they’re dead. It doesn’t really matter how they look as long as it looks cool.”

Girl: “So make it my way?”

Me: “Make it your way.”

Girl draws more.

Girl: “Hey, look!” Shows it to other kids. “My burger is seeping.”

Conversation #3 – Coffee Light Bulbs

A young lady at Starbucks is mopping the floor with determination at the starbucks. She cleans counters and straightens items quickly. A Young man watches her while doing some other cleaning himself.

Young Man: “Alright! We got power mopper!”

Young Lady: “I just feel so bad because this place was looking so fresh!”

She serves a drink, puts mop away. “Okay. I’m going to go see if I can figure out how to look at that light bulb.”

Conversation #1 – You Should Make a Chupacabra

The conversation was overheard in my art class at the school I teach from a a group of 5 girls working on a wire essence sculpture of an animal.

Girl 1: “What are you making?”

Girl 2 (Not the one sculpting): “It’s a meerkat.”

Girl 3 (Still not the one sculpting): “It looks like a Chupacabra!”

Girl 4 (The one sculpting): “Yeah! Heh-heh!”

Girl 5: “You should make one!”

Girl 1: “You should totally make a Chupacabra!”

Girl 4: (The one sculpting): “Oh, yeah! That’d be cool!”

Girl 3: “Yeah!”

Girl 4: (The one sculpting) “Heh! I should totally make a Chupacabra!”

Girl 3: “Wait, do you even know what that is?”

Minimalist Star Wars Posters

Re-posted from the Drawn! blog. OOF! This is great stuff!