Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Every year we have a big ol' birthday blast for our kids. It started when we threw the first for daughter Olivia. It helped that it was in the summer, usually super hot, and that we really like to have big ol' throwdowns where we feed and liquidate people. We get really geeky and theme it and theme all the food and send 'em home stuffed and happy and with a a soundtrack of the day: also themed. The first two were surf/hawaiian/jungle themed as we were throwin down Luau style, but it you read the title to this mix, you can see where her current interests lie. Which, you know, Daddy likes the whole my-daughter-loves-herself-some-rock-n-roll thing!

I get to be another of my selves for this and be DJ/mixmaster as I love me some Mixtapes since I been being about 12! I admit to a bit of sheepish gloating: I consider myself somewhat of a hipster, but since I live in a decidedly non-hipster town, I get all my stuff from second hand sources (which is why I love me some interenetting), but I've been putting the Beatles' "Octopus's Garden" on various mixes for friends' kids for a couple of years now and recently I read an article about hipsters having kids and trying to pass on what they think is cool to their cool kids in the hopes that being surrounded by inspiring cool stuff will help their kid be thoughtful and smart and inspired, as well as cool, and that song is considered a staple of hipster mixes. So that means I'm either ahead of the curve or not all that original as I thought. I'm leaning towards the latter.