Tuesday, January 24, 2006

love monkeys and tibetan flags

on npr, drive to work....

tibetan buddhists, high in the mountains, prayer flags clapping in airstream remind the people to stop and reflect on mortatlity. not death, but the finiteness of life. it helps remind them that, in all it's fleeting eyeblink nature, our actions should be purposeful, directed and towards a better a world. leaving a stamp on this life that improves the world and those around us. this meditation on their existence creates a satisfied and fulfilled existence in the harshest places. it helps them to focus on the present so that we keep in mind this better world.

why, driving in my powder blue grandma inherited station wagon dubbed the "princess car" by my daughter, am i not focused in my easy life? why do i let the vagaries of job and ambition cloud it?

so i focus.

my daughter and my son. my best chance to leave this world a better place and my best reason to remember the fleeting world and focus on the now.

and now is to bed...

this morning: black rebel motorcycle club - rifles
posting: scrubs, 100th episode through the beginning of love monkey

Monday, January 23, 2006

a begining trying to be clever

i'm trying to be clever right now, to start this whole blog thing out with a bang, but everything i write sounds like i'm trying to be clever and so sound really dumb and contrived. and so...i'll just say hello and post the soundtrack...

rilo kiley-"execution of all things"
doves- "some cities"