Monday, August 09, 2010

Ghost and Boy with Color

The final color version. Still playing with tone and color for the look of my other project. Getting closer. Thanks to Tim Baron and Aaron Minier for toning help.

Below is the original pen sketch.

Livi and The Imps Sketch

One of the sketches that was waiting for color so patiently has been rewarded with color. Well, I hope it was a reward and not a miserable failure. Still working out color schemes and toning. I want the books to have a monochromatic look with a blue tone. Not quite sure this is the exact look but it's a start. Still figuring a look for the texture, too. I don't want to get too fancy as there are people who do it better and that's not quite the look I want.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Drawings Waiting Patiently

A couple of quick drawings. The left one is a drawing working out a couple different characters for a story I'm working on and I just wanted to draw weird space scene on the right. Both done during the time I was teaching a summer cartooning class for high schoolers. Both now patiently await color.

I drew this during Graduation ceremonies on the back of a folder, still no color. Influenced I'm sure by this guy's art I've been admiring.

A Bella also drawn during the class.

And an Edward. Color with markers.