Lunch Box Doodles

Have a Great Day!

That’s how it all started.

    When my daughter entered pre-kindegarten she was a little nervous since she had to be
dropped off fairly early at one school, then take a bus to her kindergarten, 
then another bus to her afternoon day care.
    That’s a lot for a 4 year old to handle. But handle it she did. Amazingly.
So, to help her out, I did a little drawing and snuck it into her bag, to give her a little smile later in the day. To let her know I was thinking about her.
I did a few that year, but was pretty busy. The next year I did
a few more and the following year I did a few more her and n
ow my son who entered school. But I never really did it everyday.
    This year, though, has been different. This year I made it a goal. One a day for each kid,
whether they pack lunch or not. 
Work’s busy, not much time for comic making, but I will get a Lunchbox Doodle done for them!
    It’s been great exercise! A couple drawings a day to keep me limber in my drawing. A little break from the day to let the imagination get a little worked up.
And a great feeling knowing I did it for the kids.

I set a couple rules for the doodles.
    1.) Keep it light, fun. It’s for kids after all.
    2.) Draw straight in ink. I use my trusty little Pentel Pocket Brush.
And drawing straight in ink is great for your concentration!
    3.) Make it imaginative.
    This year, I’ve kept at it and except for a few days here and there, I’ve managed to hit my goal. I wasn’t going to put them together like this but some people on twitter and instagram mentioned making them into  a mini comic and my kids thought that was a good idea, so: BAM! Here it is!
    For the book, I only scanned them after they came home and wanted to present them as they were, wrinkles, tears, stains and all.

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I am printing the book up  and will have it for sale at Summit City Comic Con on May 12th. If you are of the mind, I would be super psyched if you wanted to pre-order a copy (see sidebar on home page!). If you do, you'll get your very own lunchbox doodle!

I hope you enjoy the doodles! Order your self a copy today or stop by and see me at the the convention!