Saturday, August 06, 2011

Me as Tin Tin

I drew Tin Tin as a self-portrait because when I had short hair I kinda looked like him. Definitely had the little whip of hair. So I added glasses and my new beard, but now it just looks kinda creepy. heh!

I remember discovering the Tin Tin books back in Middle School. I think the first book I saw was even in french. I couldn't read it, but the story telling captured me! I searched them out at the library and the adventure and action and childlike wonder still gets me today.

And, of course, because I can't get away from my love of the look, a half-tone version:

Swamp Thing Sketch reposted from Summit City Ink

Added some water and a little more detail around the shadows and such. Done for now.

...but I needed to post SOMEthing.....Must confess: I never really got into swamp thing. Prolly just never really got into at the right time. But as a kid, I dug the movie. And we had one of those weird playdoh-like action figures where you could rip his arm off and stick it back. (Except when it got too full of carpet junk and animal hair!)