Tuesday, February 07, 2006

hurts like a dirty word

White hot head pain today as the smart tooth removal recovery goes into new places of owie. First, it was tight jaw muscle owie. Then, it went into radiating nerve heat owie. Finally, and still recovering from it, was the white hot sinus needle knife, twisting owie. Which, I admit, brought a few tears at it's worst. Hurts, man. Hurts.

Vicadin, sleep, rest, ibuprofen and green tea and water later, not so bad. Still eating foods I can swallow with little chewing.

Bright spot:
Laura Viers - "Galaxies" When I listen to this song it is afternoon, summer, hot and I'm on my bike and ten. I'm home and barefoot and tying towels for capes. I'm hiding from the heat at the babysitters and 80's radio is playing sunshine pop. I'm 31 and a dad and thinking about how transcendent moments can be and press repeat.

tilt - one day
doves - snowden

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