Thursday, September 01, 2011

Lunch Box Doodles-1

This started as a way to get my kids excited about going back to school: I'd put a little drawing in their lunchbox or bag for them to find. A little thing to ease anxiety and have a little fun. It also kept me drawing all kinds of stuff. Mostly light-hearted stuff to entertain them, make them smile.

I started when my daughter went to Kindergarten a couple years ago. Played around with images, told a weird little story, and then got busy with stuff and didn't do much last year. But I'm back at it now that my son is in kindergarten and my daughter has a broken arm.

This year's batch started out the same, little drawings, mostly of animals or anthropomorphized animals, light, fun; but I gotta tell stories. So here we go. Drawings right in ink, right onto the page and presented right out of the sketchbook, just like my kids see them. Not sure what the story is, but it will also be told 2 parts at a time.

I'm having a blast drawing for them, hopefully you'll like 'em too! I've been sharing them over on Instagram, too. If you wanna see 'em there, check me out: JJMcFarren.

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