Sunday, May 08, 2011

Greedo's Last Bad Choice

I've been lucky to be included in a group of comic lovers and artists who have a collective blog over at Summit City Ink. We've begun using it as a group sketchblog where we all throw up our versions of a theme onto the blog. This is the first week and the theme was Greedo. I love me some Star Wars so this was pretty fun.

You know, after all these years of being a Star Wars nerd, I've never really considered wether or not Han actually shot first. I was always just into the whole unpredictable cowboy/rebel thing of Han's and thought it was cooler than whiny Luke. Does it matter? Probably not. Not sure I would have waited either.

 Plus, Han was more funny.


If you like my little attempt, I'd be willing to part with it. 8"x10" ink on paper. Drop a line if you want it. More to come!

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