Monday, July 19, 2010

Derby Girls Bust-A-Move Bust

Our local Derby Girls have a charity event called Bust-A-Move, where they raise money for Breast Cancer research. The groups casts the torsos of breast cancer survivors and members of the Derby Girls. The casts are then given to local artists who create art on the casts. The artists then donate their work to the Girls for a silent auction where the proceeds go to fund the research.

This is actually Step 1.5, because I didn't snap a pic of the all blue bust. This is a white wash covered in an iridescent medium that makes it a little sparkly.

Step 2. A little more blue on top of the white, a little more washing. Light wash to block in where the figures are going to be: in this case Luchadoras on Roller Skates.

Step 3. Some more details on the figures. I keep color pretty washy and monochromatic for a long time when I paint. I pretty much suck at painting with color unless it's a VERY limited palette.

Step 4. Color done. Gots to dry so I can draw and ink in the lines with Brush and India Ink.
Step 5. Ink in the lines and done! 

Introducing: Dragona

and Magmadame!

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