Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I've Done In December

I did paintings for people for Christmas. Before they got all wrapped up I snapped a few pics. Posterity may not care, but I wanted to show why I didn't get any comics done. I also did them all at night, so being on vacation as teacher really didn't help all that much.

My wife made some really rad sock monkeys for a bunch of the little kids in our family. My daughter fell in love with the idea, so I painted her a sock monkey ballerina.

My son is really into robots and planes and spacehsips and stuff right now. All boy. This painting started life as something totally else, then when I decided not to paint it for that person, I looked at what I had and saw the robot and the little robots. While painting it, I stumbled into and idea for a body of work for my graduate thesis in Graphic Design and Illustration.

This one is for my sister. I get her name in the drawing. I'm basically her interior decorator. So complaints about her decor direct to me. Complaints about her maid, direct to her. I ain't got nothin' to do wi'that.

For my sweetie. Sappy and cutesie. Kinda like me.

For my brother. I was definitely on a robot/space kick.

For my brother and sister and law for their anniversary/upcoming baby present.

Oh, and yeah, I applied and got into grad school.

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