Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rebel Arts and Rebel of.

I got this cool little sketchbook while in Chicago and will fill it. A saying on one side, an illustration on the other. All in black, white and red. The first line, which isn't there right now, will say: "I will.."
This is the first page. The left side was supposed to be cleaner, but I got impatient with wet guache.

And here's a bonus sketch on a menu from Gino's East in Chicago. Here's what I said on FB:
A 10 minute sketch of E waiting for the pie at Gino's in Chicago. This is pre-droopy-eye-drunk-dial-screechy-laugh-E. Ain't she purdy!


Tim Baron said...
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Tim Baron said...

Dude, love the menu image of E. I would frame it and hang that. Really rad.

I'm on page 14 of chapter 2 of the GN. Think I figured out a formula that works for me.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Giordano's has the pizza in town